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Not delivered !!!

I have not received this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Perfect seller.

This is a great product, I highly recommend it. I have a Shih Tzu, it is perfect for him. What a great purchase.

Great price, size for a kitten to carry into adulthood, super easy to clean!

Great brush. Super easy to clean for those who may have a slight allergy to cats, but can't imagine a life without them! Just push and drop it into the trash. My kitten is five months old, and I thought the bristles would be sharp, but as you can see, they have little rubber tips on the ends, making it very gentle for the babies! Excellent grip, not too big. I can still get under the chin and come up around the side of her neck quickly. I didn't want a brush that was too small to where she'll outgrow it but too big not to be able to maneuver gently in that area quickly. Great product for the price indeed!

Nice and Well made - My 4 Kitties LOVE IT❣️

The Coating on the brush metal tips is round and covers the sharp metal well. My 4 Kitties LOVED it the first time I tried it on them and are coming back to me repeatedly asking for more brushing, and they are sitting like “Angels,” just enjoying when I brush them. It is easy to use and remove the collected hairs.

Amazing product I use for our siberran husky

Works exceptionally well ,I love it see how happy Loki is!!

Thank you for the amazing product. My dog loves it!

excellent. came in fast exactly as described the dog loves it. great !

Exactly as the description, arrived in perfect condition. Is higher than expected. My Chihuahua has not used, but know that will be most useful for our riding. Recommend this seller. Muito útil nos passeios com a minha chihuahua. Maior do que esperava. Estou muito satisfeita.

The product came in perfect condition. Thank you!

We loved it! It came as described! Layla (our dog) loved it.